Guide Halloween Creepy House Escape

Halloween Creepy House Escape Guide for Android Game
Take a box containing two skulls on the table next to the left
Go to the right room
Take the sword and diamond necklace on top of the fireplace
Take a witch hat on the right fireplace
Take the gold coin in the rack
Use the sword to cut the pumpkin on the table, then take scissors inside of a pumpkin.

Guide Halloween Creepy House Escape

Back to the room left
Open the box in your inventory menu, and then take the diamond necklace
Place the diamond on the king's head statue, then take the crate at the foot of a statue of the king, then open the crate to pick up the baton

Take the broom on the floor
Take the gold coin on the top of the crystal ball in the closet
Take the bottle to the right of the door, then grab the gold coins in the bottle.

Click the right arrow to go to the very end room
Press the stone in the lower right corner, then use the sword to take the gold coins under a rock.
Press table on the left, then slide each colored circle, so that the position of the same circle of color are close together, then grab the key and the red coins
Then take the purple robe that hangs on the left.

Halloween Creepy House Escape Solution

Back to the room early
Open the desk drawer to use a key, then grab the lever in the drawer.
Enlarge the circle in the corner of the wall, then place 4 gold coins correctly, then grab the green coins.
Enlarge the crate on the floor next to the left, then place the coin green, red, and blue correctly.
Then grab the gold scorpion on the crate.

Go to the end of the room, then press table / box on the right, use the lever to open the box, so it will appear green bottle, then take the green bottle.
Press the left arrow to go to another room
Place the green bottle in a crystal ball, wait a few moments until the head of the skull, and then grab the skull head.
Open your inventory menu box, then place the head skull on the box contains two skulls, then take the paper in the box.

Halloween Creepy House Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Creepy House Escape Guide
See the instructions on a piece of paper
Hat + broom + cloak = Stick Stars
Use scissors to cut the yarn in the hat, broom and robes one by one
Use scissors to cut the yarn in the hat, broom and robes one by one
Go to the end of the room, enlarge the cauldron on the fire, and then input white and red yarn and piece of cloth robes into the pot, so it would appear star wand and take it.

Go to the left room
Open the inventory menu box, then zoom in on the gold scorpion, and the use of a stick to beat the scorpion, so it would appear gowns and golden key
Take the golden key and use it to open the door.